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All Christmas is a Christmas directory which includes Christmas links for Christmas carols, the story of the first Christmas, Christmas traditions, letters to Santa Claus, holiday recipes, lyrics for Christmas carols, and more. This is a family-oriented Christmas page.




Christmas Trees


Christmas Decorating


Christmas Arts and Crafts


Kids' Christmas Corner


Jerusalem, Bethlehem and
The Star of Bethlehem

A real manger
At Padfield.Com
The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition
Jerusalem Travel City and Hotel Guide
The Star of Bethlehem - Legacy of the Magi
Bethlehem, the City of Jesus Christ
Star of Bethlehem - Links
Astronomically significant historical perspectives in a list of links from the Griffith Observatory


The Story of the First Christmas

The First Christmas (Luke 2:)
This site has Christmas Carols and more...


Christmas Stories and Legends


Christmas Carols


Christmas and Holiday Recipes


Santa Links


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