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Internet technology training and tutorials for students and developers; computer networking topics, programming resources and tutoring; web technology tutoring, training and resources for students; html training, tutoring and resources and much more. See home page at www.hitmill.com.
General topics include Roads and Weather, a new weather directory, travel pages including air fares, news, sports, college course resources, a holiday section...
HiTMilL has been publishing at this domain since 1998. Our current logo was adopted and copyrighted in 1998 when our name was simplified to "hitmill.com," aka: HiTMilL, and hitmill. Hitmill.com is not a publicly held company. Visit Hitmill's main Web sites: Computers, Internet, Programming, HTML, DHTML and we include pages about XML, ASP, Web Services, http://www.hitmill.com/" TARGET="new">Travel, Weather, Chalk Board Math Resources, News, and College Course Resources Page. See the Computer Hoax Tutorial for help in identifying e-mail generated hoaxes. "Is this a hoax?" is a good question to ask before forwarding mail to everyone in your contact list.
Hitmill.com has no authorized mirror site and does not grant permission for our copyrighted work to be posted at any other domain, but rather encourages reciprocal linking of related subject matter. If your link content does not match a page content at hitmill, please do not ask for a reciprocal link.
Link requests should be related to page content. Reciprocal links related to page content have been free, if reciprocal links are pointing back from the requesting site, to hitmill.com. Non-reciprocal links must be paid links. Commercial links must be paid links not on content pages, but on links-only pages.
Banner ads or box ads are sold, if they are related to page content, appropriate for stuents, K-college, and are not offensive in any way, i.e) do not have rotating ads not related to page content unless Google ads has made a mistake. Price is based upon Web visitor number traffic to the requested URL at hitmill. Link decisions are made by mutual agreement... No links on pages where your content does not match our content in topic discussed. If you have similar/matching content, send your URL to webmaster for consideration. If your content is unrelated, you can have a paid link on a links page, based on current price for hitmill.com parked-link, if the link is accepted as appropriate for elementary to high school age education and some page are used by college students.Thank you.
Questions or problems about the Web site or linking may be directed to Webmaster and business may be addressed to admin @ hitmill.com.
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